The Force is strong with our family of SANS instructors. Extract the following intel from instructors' presentations.

Be warned, though. Some of these items are as elusive as womp rats.
  1. Out of the three highlighted prefetch entries in Alissa Torres' presentation from DFIR Summit 2012, what corresponding executable is not included in default Windows installations? (Answer in all lowercase)
  2. Examine the "Integrating Mobile and Network Attacks for In-Depth Pwnage" presentation by Ed Skoudis and Josh Wright. According to Alan Paller, what don't we have enough of? (Answer in all lowercase)
  3. What is the username whose token Bryce Galbraith impersonates in his Seattle 2013 presentation? (just the username, no domain)
Add the three answers to (without spaces, all lowercase) in order to reveal the next challenge.